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the opening of the English retail water market.

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Are you ready for English market opening in April 2017? Download our guide and follow our five simple steps to get Switch Fit now! Remember, our team of experts are here and ready to help. 

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In Scotland, since the water market opened to competition we have saved our customers around £133 million in discounts and efficiencies. The English market opening could offer your business the chance to make a saving too. 

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Competition will encourage water suppliers to offer more benefits to customers such as reduced costs, smarter ways to meet regulatory compliance, new solutions and improve service levels to name a few. It’s just common sense to find out more.

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Don’t miss out on your opportunity to benefit from the opening of the English retail water market in 2017. Switching doesn’t need to be complicated and you could reap the benefits straight away. Follow our simple steps to get Switch Fit now!