Beyond Bold

Fortune favours the brave – map your path to growth

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When should you be bold in business?

Following the interest in our first bold white paper, we’ve undertaken a second, more in-depth look at British businesses. Here you’ll find the insights and knowledge of those who have unearthed the key to growth. The winners have two things in common: boldness and strategy. Make these your twin pillars of success.

Our research found that 86% of businesses want to achieve growth by entering a new market or territory. Despite this, only 46% have a written growth plan.

Read the new white paper for 2016: Beyond Bold – Strategies for Growth

Where bold began

Back in 2015, we set out to find out how 'boldness' influences business decisions.

See the research results in our first white paper from the bold series.

How bold is your business? See how you fare on the boldness barometer.

Only 46%
have written a growth plan

Embrace technological change
or risk being left behind.

Innovation is behind
50% of all productivity.