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My business stream lets you view and manage your bills online, access your account 24/7, submit meter readings and pay online. It's quick, easy and saves paper and time. Sign up today to get a discount on your water bills.

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  1. What is eBilling?

    eBilling is an service that enables you to view your water bills online. This means that you will no longer receive paper bills. When we bill you you’ll receive an email telling you that it’s ready to be paid. You then need to log in to access and manage your water bills.

    Over time we’ll be adding new functions that will allow you to manage your water account and review detailed information about your water supply, sites and other information.

  2. What's in it for my business?

    Switching from a paper based bill to eBilling means you can:

    • view your site details in one place
    • see and pay your bills online as soon as they’re available
    • have them all stored in one place for future reference
    • save time for your business by cutting out paperwork
    • save paper and help the environment
    • save money as you’ll receive a discount
  3. What discounts can I receive if I sign up to eBilling?

    If you sign up for eBilling you’ll receive a 2% discount. If you also pay your bill by direct debit then you’ll get a combined discount of 5% (that’s made up of 2% for eBilling, 2% for direct debit and a 1% bonus for having both).

  4. How do I sign up for eBilling?

    You can sign up for eBilling in two ways:

    Once you have signed up, you’ll be sent a welcome email with your username and password. Please note, that if you don’t activate your account within 21 days of receiving your welcome email, you may lose your discount.

Your account

  1. Your welcome email

    After signing up to eBilling, you will receive your username and password in your welcome email from (Please include this email address in your “safe list”.) Log in to activate your account straight away.

  2. Activating your account

    You must activate your account as soon as you’ve received your welcome email or your discount may be removed. This needs to be done within 7 days of signing up.

  3. Logging in for the first time

    The first time you log in to eBilling, you'll be asked to change your password. This helps keep your password secure.

    Your password needs to be made up of at least eight characters with at least one number to make it secure. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. Please ensure you remember your password.

    If you fail to activate your account within 21 days of receiving your welcome email, you’ll revert to paper billing and you’ll lose your eBilling discount.

  4. Your login

    Your login is the email address that you first registered with or if you haven't been migrated to my business stream, your customer reference number followed by the letter 'a'.

  5. How do I change my business stream username?

    You can do this by visiting the 'my profile' page when logged in to my Business Stream and then updating your old username with a new one. You'll receive a confirmation email that's valid for two days, please click on this to activate your new username. Your username must be a valid email address.


  1. Forgotten or lost passwords

    If you can't find your registration email or if you need to your password, click on the 'reset your password' link on this page. You will be asked to enter your email address and we’ll then send you an email with your new password.

    Please note: Your username is the email address that you first registered your eBilling account with.

    If you don't have your username, please contact us.

  2. Changing your password

    Passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers, as this helps to make it more secure. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. Once you have changed your password for the first time, we will no longer know what your password is. If you are having trouble with your password contact us and we will supply you with a new one.


  1. Are my bills HMRC compliant?

    If you need a duplicate bill for tax and auditing purposes, eBilling complies with HMRC requirement that bills are provided in a readable format when requested. For more details see the HMRC website.


  1. How do I get a 5% discount?

    To get a 5% discount you need sign up for eBilling and direct debit. Signing up for either eBilling or direct debit individually gets you a 2% discount but when you sign up for both we’ll give you a bonus 1% discount bringing your total discount to 5%!

    You must remember to activate your eBilling account once you’ve signed up, otherwise you’ll lose your discount.

  2. When do I receive my discount?

    When you register we’ll send you a welcome email with your automated username and password. Once you’ve received this you need to activate your account to ensure that your discounts will be applied to your next bill. If you fail to activate your account, your discount will be removed.

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