What's in the pipeline?

We're working round the clock to develop new features for my business stream. See one you like? Give it your vote.

Updated help and advice section

Our newly updated help and advice section will let you get the most out of using my business stream quickly and easily.

Your water meter reading history

View your meter reading history to keep track of when readings were taken and what those readings were.

Your payment history

Check your payment history in my business stream and view records of your previous water bill payments.

Mobile friendly version

A mobile-friendly design of my business stream, allowing you to keep on top of your sites, usage and bills anywhere you like.

We'll tell you when your next bill is due

Find out the date on which your next bill is due, making it easier to plan ahead and forecast your business's outgoings.

We'll tell you which sites are closed

We'll let you know about closed sites, allowing you to easily keep track of which of your sites are open and and which are closed.

New email templates have been added

Along with the rest of My Business Stream, these are mobile friendly to make sure you can enjoy it on the go.

You can now change your My Business Stream username

You can now manage changes to your username online by providing a valid email address.

Find your water meter on a map

If you don't know where your water meter is located, we'll help by showing it on a map.

High water consumption alerts

We'll alert you if one of your sites has much higher water consumption than expected, allowing you to spot and diagnose leaks and other problems fast.

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