Water saving devices

Our experts can be involved with installing water saving technology to ensure that new buildings are water efficient from the start.

Existing premises

Retro-fitting of water saving devices can make a huge difference to water efficiency – and to your bills.

Recently we helped a local authority save 20,000 cubic metres of water – that’s £37,000 a year – by installing water saving devices in its schools.

Examples include:

  • aerated taps, which limit consumption
  • urinal control sensors
  • low or dual flush toilets
  • supply restrictor valves to maintain a constant flow.

We’ll take a look at your site and recommend what would work best.

Usually you can expect your investment to be paid back within two years. We’ll give you an estimate of how much you stand to save – and you can use automated meter reading to see the results.

New developments

Water efficiency should be standard in new buildings. Yet this easy long-term saving is often overlooked. For instance, tap flow rates in some buildings are six times stronger than required – potentially wasting thousands of pounds.

If you’re building a new development, we can advise on which types of water saving devices will best help you meet the latest carbon footprint standards.

We can also look at alternative water resources. For example, a borehole might be more efficient than using the mains water supply.