Water saving tips

Save money and protect the environment with our simple water saving tips to reduce your water consumption.

Small changes – big savings?

Sometimes taking small steps to water efficiency can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

General upkeep

  • fix leaking taps – it could save you a bathful of water a day
  • check for leaking pipes – use our tips to reduce wastage
  • clean business vehicles with a bucket and sponge – or use a hose with a shut-off valve, so it isn’t constantly running
  • use pipe insulation so your pipes aren’t at risk of bursting in a cold spell.

In your bathrooms

  • fit a free water saving hippo in your cistern – it can save up to three litres per flush
  • make sure taps are always turned off
  • invest in water saving devices – we can retrofit, or install new.

Before spending anything on new water-saving measures, it’s a good idea to draw up a simple water management plan. Our teams save water for a living – get in touch and they’ll be more than happy to talk through options for your business.


  • use a broom and a bucket of water to wash down the patio, rather than a hose
  • install a water butt to collect rainwater – perfect for watering your green areas.

How we can help

Once you’ve looked at the most obvious housekeeping steps, there’s lots of potential to get more serious about saving water.

  • Talk to us about carrying out a water efficiency health check to give you the full lowdown on your business.
  • Automated meter readings can be a useful tool to pinpoint problem areas. And our leak detection and repair service can track down hidden waste that could be costing you money.
  • You might also want to look at alternative water sources to help cut your use of the mains supply – and your charges.