Understanding your charges

Your water and waste water bill covers the costs of treating and delivering your water supply, as well as maintaining the network that collects and treats waste water.

Why are you being charged?

Just like you do with your gas and electricity supply, every non-household customer in Scotland has to pay for the water they use, and the costs of treating and delivering a clean, fresh water supply.

What the charges cover

There are three main elements to your water charges: water, waste water and drainage. In addition, some businesses also pay for the handling of trade effluent.

Water charge

This covers the provision of a clean, fresh water supply. If you have a water meter, the charge is based on your recorded water use; if you have an unmetered supply, it’s based on the rateable value of your property.

Waste water charge

As well as the fixed charge for the meter, this charge is for cleaning and treating the water that goes down your drains. Again, it’s worked out differently depending on whether you are a metered or unmetered customer.

Sewerage and drainage charges

This charge covers the cost of collecting and treating rainwater, and bringing it back into the supply system. It’s made up of two elements:

  • property charge – for rainwater that drains from your property
  • roads charge – your contribution to the public roads drainage system.

Both elements are calculated according to the rateable value of your property.

Trade effluent charges

If your business has a trade effluent consent, you’ll receive a separate bill for this. It covers the cost of treating and disposing of what can be harmful waste.

Your charges in full

Water charges change each year and the maximum price we can charge is set by our regulator. You can also read our full charging statement.

What’s on your water bill

For both water and waste water services, you’re charged a fixed rate and a volume-based rate. Together with charges for property and roads drainage, that makes six bill elements in total:

  • a fixed charge for water
  • a volumetric charge for water
  • a fixed charge for waste water
  • a volumetric charge for waste water
  • a property drainage charge
  • a roads drainage charge.

Save on your water bills

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There are lots of ways to slash your charges by controlling your water use – from simple water-saving devices to automated meter reading. Read more on water efficiency.

*Based on the Business Stream Standard Default Retail Tariffs. T&Cs