Alternative water sources

Water’s all around us – we can help you make use of local water sources, to save you money in the long term.

Local water sources – the benefits

You can gain by:

  • Saving money, through using less water from your standard supply.
  • Added security – knowing you have a water source if there’s an interruption to the main supply.
  • Shrinking your environmental impact, by reusing water or sourcing it locally.


A borehole is a technical term for a deep well. Our experts can help you to appraise, build and maintain water boreholes.

Not all sites are suitable, so we’ll do a feasibility study first, to make sure it’s worth investing in one.

Harvesting water

We can advise you on capturing and reusing rainwater at your site. It’s also possible to reuse ‘grey water’ – water that’s been used for washing – for other purposes. Our experts will look at your site and work out what’s useful for you.

Rivers and canals

We’ve worked with several customers to use water from local channels for their business needs – in cooling processes, for instance.

Emergency water supply

It’s reassuring to know that in a crisis you can depend on a water supply of the right quality to keep you running.

We can deliver our 25,000 litre water tankers swiftly to your door, to stand in when a supply is interrupted.

Hospitals and prisons are among the critical services that have benefited from our tankered drinking water in an emergency. We’ve also been able to source demineralised tankered water at short notice to keep industrial operations running.

Planned shutdowns

Manufacturing customers make use of our tankered water to see them through controlled shutdowns.

Contact us to find out more about our emergency service or to order your advance supply of tankered water.

The right solution – no messing

Like the idea of an alternative water supply, but don’t have time to get involved in the detail? We’ll take care of the lot. We’ll manage and build the process that suits your business – you’re guaranteed the end product you need.