Water meters

Getting a water meter installed gives you greater control of your water bills – and can be a big step towards saving money.

Got a water meter?

Make the most of your water meter – use it to measure your water consumption and start managing your costs.

Meter readings

The more water meter readings we have, the more accurate your bills will be. Take regular readings and submit them online to build up a clearer picture of what you use.

Is your water meter the right size?

The size of your water meter is based on the amount of water you were using when it was installed. Over time, that can change. We can check that you still have the correct sized meter.

Automated meter readings

We can put the latest innovative metering technology to work on your site to monitor your water usage and identify any opportunity for savings. Then we analyse the data to uncover any problems – and work with you to resolve them. Get in touch with our experts to find out more.

Damaged or faulty meters

It’s important to maintain your water meter. If you think there’s a problem with it, email us at meters@business-stream.co.uk.

Not got a water meter?

If you’re an unmetered customer, your bill is based on the rateable value of your property. Getting a meter installed would mean you’d be charged only for what you actually used and could help you become more efficient.

Alternatively, you could apply to have your charges reassessed which could save you money. Other customers have on average saved almost 50% on their unmeasured bills.

Installing a water meter

Before we install a water meter, we’ll need to carry out a short survey to make sure it’s right for your property.