Meter right sizing

Making sure you have a meter that’s the right size for your water needs could save you money.

Is your water meter the right size?

If your property has a water meter, you’re billed for the water you use. But another part of our water charges is based on the meter size.

When we install your water meter, we fit one that matches the size of your water pipe. But over time the amount of water you use may rise or fall. This may be due to:

  • a change in your business activities
  • improved processes requiring less water
  • installation of new equipment that uses more or less water
  • water efficiency measures.

If you believe your water meter is smaller or larger than needed to supply water when you need it most, you can apply to have it changed.

If you get a smaller meter, you’ll save money by paying a lower fixed charge. Conversely, you may need a larger meter if your consumption has increased beyond the limits for your existing meter. There’s a fee for water meter resizing, but you should save in the long term.

How we can help

If our expert finds your water meter is the wrong size for your needs, we’ll ask Scottish Water to swap it for one that’s right.

Get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.

What to do next

Read our guidance about meter resizing. If you decide to apply to have your meter size changed, you’ll need to pay for a survey before submitting your application.