Water sub meters

Installing water sub meters can arm you with a detailed view of water use over a big site, helping you manage consumption.

Deeper data

Water sub meter installation provides you with a valuable breakdown of water use across a site. It’s potentially useful if you have:

  • a large network, such as a manufacturing operation with several units
  • a site with several users, e.g. a shopping centre or a multi-occupancy office block.

Water sub meters allow you to:

  • track water use on different areas of your site
  • identify spots where water use is unusually high and take action
  • provide individual users with accurate bills rather than default charges.

How we can help

We’ll look at your overall water use, and carry out a site survey to help you identify the spots where meters should be sited.

When we install your water sub meters, you can choose to read them manually. Or we can fit them with automated meter reading (AMR) so that you start to gather baseline data immediately.

Using AMR, we can analyse your data and help you quickly pinpoint problem areas. Our experts can then work with you to combat the cause of the waste and save you money.