NHS Grampian

Safeguarding the future of a hospital’s water supply. Uncovering the underground network to create robust water contingency plans.

16 December 2016 Reading time: 2 mins

Getting a single view 

Business Stream experts created an at-a-glance picture of the water network at NHS Grampian.

Health chiefs needed a clear view of their underground assets and a robust contingency plan to secure future water supplies. 

The Challenge

For hospitals, a ready water supply is critical. NHS Grampian’s vast hospital site in Aberdeen had grown and changed over the years. Health chiefs realised they needed to track their underground assets and update their water network management plan to be sure they could deal quickly and effectively with any emergency. 

The Solution

Business Stream experts started with a desktop survey to gain a basic understanding of the current network. Spending ten days on site, using radio and metal detectors to locate pipes in the network and assessing the state of all the fittings. We took the drawings and overlaid them onto an electronic site map. This in turn was merged with aerial photography of the site, to provide an at-a-glance picture of the network. Together with a full report and advice from our expert team, the map allowed NHS Grampian to prepare contingency plans and reduce future risk. 

The Successful Outcome

NHS Grampian’s estate managers are now prepared for any possible future water issues. In the case of a burst, for instance, the map shows the exact location of pipe and valve, so the leak can be isolated and repaired without affecting the rest of the network.

NHS Grampian has benefited from: 

  • sound plans to protect the hospital’s water supply in a crisis
  • further advice to help it reduce water consumption and costs.

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It’s all about managing risk – we feel we’re in a safe pair of hands with Business Stream
Gary Mortimer Grampian Estates Manager at NHS Grampian