Automated meter reading (AMR) login

In this section you'll find everything you need to manage your automated meter reading service.

Getting started

We've got two automated meter reading servers at the moment, and you'll need to log into the right one to use the service.

If you are unsure or can't remember which server you should use to login, please contact your relationship manager by sending an email to with your account details.

Find out about automated meter readings

If you don't have a smart meter and would like to know how the service can benefit your business, visit the AMR page or email

You can also watch our videos How to: Understand AMR and How to: Use the AMR service which shows everything you need to know about AMR.

AMR login

Server 1

Log in and view your AMR data on server 1.

Server 1 login

Server 2

Use the link below to access your online meter readings on server 2.

Server 2 login