Select the billing format that suits you

You’ll receive a single monthly consolidated statement in a PDF format and separate individual invoices for each account. You also receive a detailed monthly consolidated breakdown in a number of formats including EDI Tradacoms, XLS or CSV. For faster processing, all bills have an easy to read layout and itemised line items for each charge type. eBilling is provided via our online account management portal as standard.

Your monthly consolidated bill will include all sites. Unmetered and vacant sites will be billed monthly in advance and metered sites will be billed monthly in arrears. If you choose three-month payment in advance, you’ll receive an estimate bill for 3 months at the start of each quarter. We will use AMR and customer own reads for billing purposes where they’re available.

If you need an alternative billing set-up, just let us know on your Options Form. Alternatively contact your Account Manager at any point during the framework and we’ll arrange a suitable alternative, such as paper bills, single site bills, or quarterly billing.

Your bills include:


  • the date of your bill
  • the period the bill covers
  • meter numbers
  • site name
  • site address
  • customer department reference
  • water SPID and waste SPID
  • site metering and charges associated with metering
  • volume of water consumed in cubic metres
  • meter read type
  • reductions applied such as discounts


  • site liability for waste water charges (including appropriate rates and charges)
  • site liability for property drainage charges (including appropriate rates and charges)
  • site liability for road drainage charges
  • additional/related meters
  • meter change details
  • ledger details for each site where provided, e.g. cost centre and account code
  • payment method.


Integration with Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) companies

To ensure we offer best in class compatibility for all customers we consulted with a selection of M&T providers to confirm that our invoice outputs are compatible with their systems.

If you currently work with an M&T provider, then please add the name of your provider on your Options Form and we’ll contact them with a copy of a sample bill run to help ensure they’re ready to process your new bill.

Before we can work with your M&T provider, we need your permission to do so. Please speak to your account manager for more information.

Credit Balances

On occasion we may need to credit your account. If this happens, our default is to include the amount in your next consolidated invoice. This approach reduces the amount due and avoids unnecessary administration. If you’d prefer to receive a refund, then inform your Case Owner and they will arrange this.

Save money by paying in advance or paying a deposit

You can save even more money by choosing one of the additional discounts we offer for payment in advance or by paying a deposit.

Speak to your account manager for more information.

Process payments faster with BACS and Direct Debit

Direct Debit and BACs offer you fast, convenient payment processing. Let us know which one you prefer on your Options Form. If you choose Direct Debit, we’ll send you a Direct Debit mandate form. Please complete and return it to us.