Ancillary Services

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Access a range of Ancillary services

Whether you need a Water Footprint Assessment to understand how your sites use water or need fast deployment of emergency water to keep a site operational, we can help.

More detail on the ancillary services we offer are described below. Some are included free of charge as part of the framework (indicated below), others are chargeable. Framework customers receive a 10% discount from our standard rates. Please refer to our Ancillary Services Rate Card for more details.

Proactive leak detection and leak repair

We’ll provide a proactive, multi-tiered approach to leak detection.

This incorporates a monthly desktop review free of charge of all consumption data from AMR and actual reads through our Intelligent Water Management service, as well as proactive management of leak alerts on AMR. We'll be able to proactively identify potential leaks either via AMR (and Hive) alarms which we'll set-up and monitor under the framework on your behalf. Should high consumption be identified, the Account Manager will contact the site to identify the best next action. If the suspected cause of the increase is a leak, the Account Manager can arrange an onsite leak detection survey. We can also provide leak repair services as per the ancillary services rate card.


If the cause of the high consumption isn't known, the Account Manager will undertake a free of charge high consumption investigation on site. If the high consumption survey identifies that there is ineffective fitting or practices, they will work with the you to identify the best course of action and support with any water efficiency projects (such as staff education programmes).

Byelaws site visits (technical work)

Your Account Manager will provide advice and support to ensure that all sites remain byelaw compliant.

They’ll also liaise with Scottish Water on your behalf about inspections and rectification work. Further support will be provided by our Technical Solutions team to implement any required rectification work following a Scottish Water byelaws report.

Waterwise checkmark consultancy

The Waterwise Checkmark is awarded in recognition of the very best water saving activities and initiatives, regardless of location, size, age or occupancy of premises.

We’ve attained this accreditation for our head office in Edinburgh - so have direct experience of the accreditation process. We’ll assist with your applications through our technical consultancy service, and the implementation of suitable water efficiency measures.

Carbon Trust Standard for Water Certification consultancy

This independent certification recognises organisations that take a best practice approach to measuring and managing their water - achieving year-on-year reductions.

It provides a framework for you to enhance your operational sustainability, using water more efficiently and improving stewardship. It would positively contribute towards the Scottish Governments net-zero waste and circular economy targets – as well as providing associated cost reductions. We’ll assist with your applications through our technical consultancy service, and the implementation of suitable water efficiency measures.

High consumption investigations

If water use is identified to be higher than expected at a site, then we’d recommend an on-site high consumption investigation.

This investigation can take place in two ways:

  1. Initial Account Manager site visit to identify causes of high consumption. This is a free service included as part of the framework
  1. Specialist water efficiency assessor site visit to conduct a more detailed analysis.

AMR for below smaller meters

Through the framework you’ll automatically qualify for free AMR for all meters 50mm (chargeable meter size) or more, but if you’d like AMR for meters below 50mm you can complete an ancillary services request on My Business Stream to receive a bespoke proposal based on agreed framework pricing.

Where there is an AMR on a meter, we’ll bill using a monthly AMR read to help ensure accurate billing.

Optical meter readers

We can offer an alternative to traditional GSM-based AMR technology

Optical Meter Readers provides an affordable alternative solution for meters that do not provide a pulsed output or are located in an area of poor GSM coverage.

Water audits

A water audit will identify inefficiencies and potential savings at your sites. Water audits provide a detailed analysis of water use and involve thorough site visits to explore water-intensive processes.

They have three stages:


  • Desktop analysis – we'll conduct desktop analysis by validating your bills and ensuring you’re on the optimum tariff. We'll also analyse historical data to identify consumption patterns and periods of abnormal usage
  • Site visit (as appropriate) – a systematic approach to analysing your water network, appliances and usage across your premises. We’ll identify areas of wastage or inefficiencies in water usage. During the visit, we'll speak to Facility Managers, Site Managers and key members of staff to gather an understanding of water practices and processes to determine whether any improvements can be made and if water efficiency training could be of benefit.
  • Report – we’ll provide a written report summarising our findings. The report will highlight any excess consumption with recommendations on how to reduce usage. Advice will be given on how to improve practices and what devices can be installed to increase efficiency, with a summary of potential savings.

Tanker fill points

Repair or installation of tanker fill points to allow water tankers to provide emergency water to an onsite storage tank.

We can design, install and commission tanker fill points as required.

Lead survey and pipe replacement

Desk-based data analysis, visual inspections, water quality sampling, knowledge gathering and data capture and storage.

The goal of the investigation is to create a risk-based database to record the presence of risk of lead pipes, any site inspections and any remedial works carried out.


Lead pipe replacement includes civil works and reinstatement for the replacement of lead pipes.

Flow and pressure testing

Where evidence is required to demonstrate the impact of a proposed new development upon Scottish Water’s infrastructure, we’re able to perform flow and pressure testing on your behalf to the standard that Scottish Water approves.

We’ll install pressure loggers on hydrants close to the proposed development, initially capturing data under normal operating conditions for a number of days, and then capturing results of the flow test (usually undertaken during peak demand periods).


From these tests, we can provide evidence and make recommendations to support development applications.

Site drainage investigation

Onsite review of site drainage system including surface water, foul lines and outlets.

This investigation determines if there’s scope to remove these charges by diverting the surface water from sewer to an alternative drainage system.

CCTV and sewer jetting

CCTV surveys can be provided to:

  • detect issues with blockages
  • survey pipework condition and quality of repairs
  • establish information for sewer connections (new connections)
  • provide location information on pipe routes.

We compile our findings into a CCTV report and also provide a copy of the footage captured onsite, for your records. We can combine CCTV surveys with a Jet Vactor Unit, enabling the sewer to be cleaned at the same time. This also allows us to capture clearer footage of the current condition of the asset. As an enhanced capability, we're able to provide equipment which will establish a 3D model of sewers and manholes.

Network mapping and ground-penetrating radar surveys

Network mapping is a non-invasive means of locating and surveying below-ground utility assets to create a digital plan of a site's pipes and cables.

Our technical team can map water and wastewater assets, other utilities such as electricity, gas and telecoms as well as other specialised site-specific services and ducting.

Rainwater harvesting and grey-water systems

Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater that would otherwise flow down the gutters into the drain.

Rainwater is collected from roofs (and in some cases driveways), then used within the premises. This can provide substantial savings on water bills as well as making commercial buildings more sustainable.


Harvesting rain and greywater is a proven method of reducing both environmental impact and operational costs. The method of installing such a system is bespoke for every site, and some buildings may be more suitable than others, depending on such factors as roof area, water use, existing plumbing and available ground to locate tanks. We can design, build, commission, operate and maintain these systems as required.


Boreholes can be a cost-effective way to reduce the requirement for mains water. We can carry out an upfront study which includes a hydrogeological assessment.

If the results are positive, there are four stages to be carried out before groundwater can be used; particularly if potable water is the required standard. These include carrying out:


  • Environmental Impact Assessment Surveys and Abstraction License Applications
  • drilling and yield test pumping
  • installation of borehole and water treatment equipment
  • testing and certification.

We have extensive experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of Borehole systems for public sector organisations and the associated treatment required. We can assist end-to-end to help you realise potential cost savings by accessing the groundwater stored below a site.

Waste water and trade effluent support

Under the framework, our dedicated Trade Effluent team provide support on all aspect of trade effluent.

This includes the basis of charging (split Mogden formula) and consent and billing enquiries. Where we believe there’s an opportunity to change an agreed consent or deliver greater efficiency, we’ll collaborate with you to provide the advice and support to do so. This may include expert consultancy, detailed analysis, solutions optioneering and bespoke reports.

Effluent treatment hire fleet

We have a wide range of modular hire kits, which can be rapidly deployed to customers with emergency needs, or who want to test changes to their infrastructure without a large capital outlay.

The hire fleet is transportable and allows us to provide innovative solutions across Scotland. We’re the only licensed provider in Scotland able to offer these solutions.

Operation and maintenance of effluent treatment

Regular sewage treatment plant inspections and maintenance can help reduce pollution and trade effluent consent failures.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers can routinely check biological sewage treatment performance to keep your effluent plant functioning.

Hive leak sensors

Hive leak sensors detect water flows from the mains into a site. In the event of a change of water flow, you will receive an alert via the Hive App.

Hive leak sensors are a simple, cost-effective way of providing leak alerts on sites with 22mm or smaller mains supply pipe. They can be self-installed quickly and easily. If required, your Account Manager can attend your site to help with installation. Business Stream is providing schools with 500 free Hive units as part of the Framework. If you want more information on the free Hive devices, please contact your Account Manager.


Our team of qualified risk assessors carry out legionella risk assessments across water systems in accordance with BS8580.

We provide an initial review of risks, on-going monitoring scheme, remedial action recommendations and interventions for all aspects of Legionella control.


Noise Loggers

We can provide acoustic noise loggers that remotely and proactively support leakage detection activities Noise loggers are used for early detection of leaks in water supply networks.

In addition to the more conventional methods of leak detection the installation of permanent noise loggers has proved to be a cost-effective tool in early identification of water loss. By permanently monitoring sections of the system, which have previously been proven leak free, it will alert you when a potential leak does develop.


Noise loggers are considerably more sensitive than the human ear and are usually active during the night, when background noise is at a minimum. The small devices are deployed at points around the water network, where we will monitor the noise levels on the pipes themselves. Changes and distinctive patterns in sound indicate the presence of leaks, often including ones that would otherwise go completely undetected.


We can supply and install sub meters on a site’s pipework to enable proactive monitoring of water consumption at a more localised level.

Sub metering uses meters to measure the water consumption of each individual unit across a site as opposed to the charging meter which measures for the whole site.

Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)

SUDS provide sustainable ways for storing or re-using surface water at source.

They form part of the infrastructure in urban environments to help alleviate downstream flooding and deterioration in river water quality as a result of the sewerage system being overwhelmed by large amounts of surface water. SUDS is a mandatory approach to surface water drainage management for new developments in Scotland by law.


We can design sustainable and environmentally friendly water management solutions as part of our New Connections process.

Site works and installation services

All projects that involve physical changes to a meter will have a key wholesaler dependency for delivery.

This could include installation of new meters, removal of old meters, replacement of existing meters, updates and new meter housing. Where this is required, your Account Manager will work with their PSS Case Owner and Scottish Water to manage the process end to end. They’ll provide consultancy and expert support throughout.


You have peace of mind that we’ll deliver your projects safely and responsibly. We work within the strict parameters of our accreditations, such as ISO 45001 (2018) for health and safety, ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management, and ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems.

Water efficiency devices via our online shop

We offer an industry-leading range of water-saving devices and can provide, install and maintain these devices on your behalf.

You can also purchase them directly using our online shop. If a fully managed service is required, we'll survey your water usage and produce a report detailing the surveyor's recommendations for water-saving installations. Typically, these include:


•           a dual flush mechanism

•           retrofit push tap

•           inline flow

•           cistern volume adjuster (hippo bag)

•           tap aerator

•           passive infrared urinal flush controllers

•           aerated showers


We can provide a fully managed survey, supply and install service. However, we know for organisations with their own facilities management team, it can be more convenient to source parts directly on a supply only basis. Our online shop allows you to purchase a wide range of water-efficient devices to help reduce consumption and promote best practice.