Emergency planning

Emergency planning for sensitive sites

Scottish Water supports emergency plans for hospitals and prisons but not emergency plans for other sensitive sites (although they do treat them as priority during a loss of supply on Scottish Water network). As part of the framework, we’ll provide emergency plan creation and management, free of charge, for all sensitive sites that you inform us about - even those that don't meet Scottish Water’s criteria.


Contingency planning for non-sensitive sites

Emergency Planning for sensitive sites is included as a core framework service but isn’t for non-sensitive sites; this can be provided at a charge if needed. Your dedicated Public Sector Scotland Emergency Planning Co-ordinator will work with your Account Manager and you to develop one to meet your requirements.


Please note that contingency plans for non-sensitive sites are not supported by Scottish Water, but we do provide a range of alternative emergency water services including tankered water, bottled water and bowsers. Services agreed will be listed in the contingency plan along with tanker fill points to aid speedy provision in an emergency. All contingency plans are accessible on My Business Stream.


This is separate to the free emergency support we provide 24/7 via our dedicated emergency number. The Account Manager on duty will provide advice and services to assist with any issues, whether on your own network or involving Scottish Water. This service is available regardless of whether the site is sensitive or non-sensitive.


Emergency water (tankered water, bowsers, bottled water)

We can provide safe drinking water to your site when there's an interruption to supply. We can deploy 30,000-litre water tankers, bowsers or pallets of bottled water to keep your sites operational in an emergency. Where this is a statutory requirement for sensitive sites this is provided free of charge under the framework, for non-statutory requirements and non-sensitive sites this is a chargeable service.