Transfer process

Managing your transfer

Our Onboarding Team will validate your site portfolio against the market data to ensure we've accurately captured all sites in scope. Then we'll apply for your transfer with the Central Market Agency, and build your accounts in our systems, ready for your go-live date. We'll liaise with the outgoing retailer and Scottish Water to manage any inflight enquiries to make your transfer as smooth as possible.

Unfortunately, we can’t resolve existing contractual or debt issues with the outgoing retailer, so please address any possible problems that may delay your transfer.

Transfer meter reads

We'll open all accounts using an estimated or AMR read. We'll then get an actual read for all sites (where we can get access) if feasible. If it looks like the estimated read used for transfer wasn't correct, we'll update it to ensure that we open all sites accurately. The outgoing retailer will also use this transfer read for their final bills. To maximise the number of actual reads, please tell us about any special meter reading requirements (such as restricted access times). There is space in the site list to provide this information.

Transfer of existing AMR

Recognising that many of the AMRs currently installed on 50mm meters and above remain fit for purpose and 'within life' it would not be environmentally friendly to remove and dispose of them.

As part of our three-month AMR installation programme, we’ll review the age, make and condition of your assets and work with the asset owner to agree on the principles of adoption. If an existing AMR asset is to be replaced, we’ll replace it as part of our three-month AMR installation programme – with the old AMR disposed of free of charge while adhering to WEEE regulations. If your AMR is deemed fit for purpose, we’ll credit your account with £20 per month until the AMR expires. Once the AMR reaches the end of its life, we'll install a replacement AMR.

Emergency Plans

We’ll review your emergency plans at transfer, then at least annually thereafter to ensure that they are up to date and accurate– additional reviews will be carried out on request, or if you tell us of any site changes. Our dedicated emergency planning co-ordinator will review your sites and provide advice on how you can increase network resilience, mitigating the risk of a water emergency.


We'll provide regular progress updates to your primary contact, as notified by you on the Options Form. We'll also give you an onboarding dashboard that will confirm the progress of the transfer.