Business Closure Update

If Government guidelines for your sector have recently changed but you are remaining closed then please let us know by completing this webform.

If you were temporarily closed but have now re-opened then please fill out this form instead.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are permanently closing your business then please complete the form attached instead.

Yorkshire closure update form

You will find this number on the top right of your bill - it will always be a ten digit number starting with a 9.

For example your company registration number or registered charity number

Please provide your email address so that we can send you confirmation that your request has been processed


Please choose the option that best describes the current status of your business


If yes - please continue to fill out and submit the details in this form.

If no - please be aware that this scheme will end on the 31 July 2020 (subject to review by the regulator) and after this date we will have no option other than to resume charging you for your water services.

Date you plan to re-open your business

If you are closing down your business please complete the Closing Down/Moving out form using the date you moved out of your premises.