Who can switch suppliers?

Work through our short checklist to see who will be eligible for a choice in suppliers. Then find out how water retail competition might affect your business.

Any business that has at least one site in England that uses more than 5ML (megalitres) of water per year can switch water supplier. When this threshold dropped from 50ML to 5ML, the benefits of water competition opened up to around 26,000 organisations.

All businesses in Scotland, no matter what size, can switch both water supplier and waste water supplier. The new water market to be launched in 2017 will give those same choices to every business, charity and public sector customer in England.

For now, though, our checklist shows who can currently switch supplier.

At a glance: Who can switch?

  Scotland England
Water yes yes
Waste services (including trade effluent) yes no
Drainage services yes no
Customer type Any non-household customer can choose their water and waste water supplier. 5M (mega litres) plus water usage at any one site

Why switching is a good thing

The option to switch creates a more competitive market, in which organisations can benefit from suppliers that are motivated to:

  • create more innovative products and services
  • improve customer service and satisfaction
  • increase water efficiency and lower consumption
  • serve multi-site customers through a single supplier.

Find out about the benefits of competition already enjoyed by customers in Scotland.

Help available now

Businesses in Scotland and businesses in England with 5ML annual water use at a single site can benefit from water competition now. Find out how your business can start to save water and money straightaway by emailing switch@business-stream.co.uk.

We provide our innovative water and waste water treatment solutions to customers of all sizes across the UK. Our experts can help you to improve efficiencies, minimise environmental impact and reduce costs. Email solutions@business-stream.co.uk for more details.