How to read your meter

Regular water meter readings help save you money by keeping your bills more accurate.

We aim to read your water meter twice a year. It’s really helpful if you’re able to make sure our readers can access your meter at those times.

If we miss you, taking your own readings will reduce the number of estimated bills you receive.

And if you do regular readings – say, once a month – you can also build a better understanding of your water consumption. You can use our special benchmarking calculator to see how your water use compares with others in your sector.


find your meter

Where to find your meter

The location of your meter is usually shown on your bill – on the second page, bottom left. Most meters are outside the building, but within the boundary of the property. Some are installed indoors. We can help you track yours down, if you don’t know where it is.

Taking a reading

Taking a reading

Make a note of the black numbers on a white background. These record your water consumption in cubic metres. (Ignore the white numbers on red) Then visit the submit a meter reading page. You’ll need the serial number of the water meter – this allows us to match you on our records. Still unsure? See our simple guide to reading your meter [PDF, 235KB].

unmetered customer?

Unmetered customer?

If you don't have a water meter you will currently receive estimated water bills. Getting a meter installed would mean you’d be charged only for what you actually used and could help you become more efficient.

Applying for a water meter
Reassessment of your estimated water bills