Waste water

Business Stream helps you deal with your waste water in a way that protects the environment – and benefits your business.

What is waste water?

Waste water is the water that exits your drains and ends up in the sewerage system. This includes normal kitchen sink refuse, toilet waste and sewage and clean rainwater drainage.

Waste water does not include liquid waste that is discharged from industrial production – this is trade effluent and requires trade effluent consent.

You do not require special consents for the removal and treatment of waste water. Waste water services are provided as standard by Business Stream and the service is included in your water charges.

Waste water experts

At Business Stream we’re the waste water experts. We have a vast experience in safely and efficiently managing the waste water process. We can help at every stage – from connecting you to the sewerage system, to helping you stay within legal limits for your trade effluent.

We can:

  • find ways to reduce your waste water, and lower your charges
  • design, assess and build drains and sewers for your site
  • monitor your trade effluent, and advise you on the best ways to meet consent levels
  • design, build, upgrade or run your waste water treatment plant
  • advise you on recycling ‘grey water’ – water that’s been used for washing.