Water charge exemption scheme

If you’re a charity registered with the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) or a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) you can apply for exemption from your water, waste water and drainage charges.

About the scheme

Since April 2015, support has been available to charities registered with OSCR and CASCs with an annual income below £300,000. The scheme will be administered by Scottish Water on behalf of the Scottish Government. There are a few exceptions; OSCR registered charities and CASCs will not be eligible for support where one or more of the following conditions are met;

  • The organisation holds a permanent alcohol licence to sell alcohol at the premises.
  • The premises is a charity shop or other premises used for the purposes of retailing new or second hand merchandise.
  • The premises operates as a café which is open to the public and operated on a regular basis to generate income. This excludes canteens that have been provided by the charity to support its own volunteers.
  • The organisation is a Local Authority or an Arms-Length External Organisation (ALEO) which are organisations that can be used by councils to deliver services.

How to apply 

Find out how to apply and what happens next right here.

Not eligible?

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