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Discounts aren’t just for new customers. You can save money just by showing your loyalty to Business Stream.

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Make a long-term commitment to us and we’ll reward you with lower water charges.

  • We offer big money saving deals for one, two or three year contracts*. Get an instant quote online and pick which deal suits you best – your signature-less contract will be waiting for you at the check-out. Find out how much you could save right here.
  • If you’d prefer to sign up to a rolling one-year contract and decide to extend for a further year or two, we’ll increase your discounts when you roll-over into these additional years. Find out more about our ‘Evergreen’ contracts.

*Based on the Business Stream Standard Default Retail Tariffs. T&Cs apply.

Extending your contract

During the term of the contract you have the option to request an extension to the length of the contract. The maximum extension considered will be one further year. Business Stream will consider the request on all contract types other than our two year and three year fixed term contracts which already have extension options; we call these our 2+1 and 3+1+1 contracts. The contract term extension will only be available if the level of discount available under the existing contract is the same or less than current discount offerings. This, therefore, means that an extension is not available where the discount under the existing contract is more than the current offering. In considering any request for contract extension we will also make sure that the charges after the discount continue to reflect the cost incurred by us in providing the service to you.

Terminating your contract early

We know that plans can change and it may be necessary for you to end your supply contract early. Should this happen this policy makes it clear in what circumstances we would ask for repayment of the contract term discount, what we would reclaim and when.  

Save water, save money

There’s another way to see your bills shrink – by tracking and controlling your water use. See how we can help you become more water efficient.