Supplying water

We are Scotland’s leading business water supplier. We work hard for your water – so it can work hard for you.

Water - It’s what we do

Water is our business. Take advantage of the water supply services and products we’ve developed to help you get the most from this precious asset. No matter how simple or complex your water supply needs are, we have the solution.

Measure and save

We offer lots of ways to give you a real insight into your water use and help you start saving:

Get connected

We offer every kind of water supply – whether you need a network connection for your new development, or a tanker in a hurry to get you through an emergency.

The right kind of water supply

If your business needs water of a particular water quality standard, we can deliver. Ask about our water sampling, purification and demineralisation services.

Alternative water sources

A bit of lateral thinking could help the environment and save you money. Find out how we can advise on using water from alternative sources such as rainwater, canals or specially built wells.