Apply to move your water meter

If your property has a water meter and you need to move it, you’ll need to let us know.

Why would I have to move my water meter?

You might apply to have your water meter moved if:

  • you are building near the existing location of the meter
  • the water meter needs to be closer to your property
  • an internal location would suit your property.

How to get your water meter moved

Please take a minute to read our handy guidance notes [PDF, 118KB] before completing the meter survey application [PDF, 205 KB].

You’ll need to pay for your water meter survey before applying. The fee for the first hour of a standard survey (8:00am to 6:00pm) is £92.87 + VAT, other charges may apply. You can pay this online. Based on the results of the survey, you may also have to contribute towards the cost of moving your water meter, but we’ll always let you know this in advance by providing a detailed quote.

What happens next?

Please send your completed application form to We’ll be in touch for the next steps.