Carbon calculator

Cutting your carbon emissions also means cutting your costs, helping your business and the environment stay healthy at the same time.

About the carbon calculator

We’ve put together a useful carbon calculator so that you can estimate how much carbon your organisation generates from the consumption of your annual water and waste water usage. (Business Stream customers only)

How the carbon calculator works

The calculator works by multiplying our carbon emission rates* by the volume of your water and waste water consumption. For metered customers your bills will reflect your actual water and trade effluent usage.

You can only use this calculator with consumption figures. If your property is unmetered then your charges are worked out based on your property’s rateable value, not your actual consumption. You can apply to get a water meter.

You'll need a copy of your bill to get some figures from it. Find out more about understanding your bill.

How to work out your quarterly water usage

You can find your water usage on your bill under the unit column that ends with m3 - e.g. 125m3. The amount of days this figure relates to will also be shown in the same column.

Take the water usage figure and divide by the number of days that the charge relates to then multiply it by 90 to get an average for 90 days.

For example:

  • 125m3 ÷ 100 days = 1.25m3 per day
  • 1.25m3 x 90 days = 112.5m3 per quarter

More information can be found in understanding your bill. Here you can view a sample metered bill.

* Our carbon emission rates are based on the combined carbon emission rates of Scottish Water (the wholesaler) and Business Stream (your retailer).