Water audit and benchmarking

Compare your water use against that of other organisations and you can see how to be more water efficient and make quick wins on savings.

Information is power

To start saving water, you need to be armed with knowledge. Water audits and benchmarking can show you where best to focus your efforts.

Water audits

Invite our experts to review your site, survey your pipework and identify likely efficiencies. Prices start at £795 plus VAT at the standard rate – a small investment that could get you on your way to saving thousands on water charges.

Water benchmarking

Our desktop review will give you a clear picture of how your water use stacks up against that of similar organisations in your sector.

Water benchmarking is particularly useful if you have a number of sites. Each will use water differently, and cost you different amounts. Getting the full picture is a useful way to identify the least efficient sites.

Once we’ve found those sites, we’ve got a range of water saving solutions to fit your needs – from automated meter reading to clever devices or leak detection.

Single site benchmarking

Just got the one site? Start off with our water benchmark calculator to see how you measure up within your sector.