Why be water efficient?

Being more water efficient and cutting down on the water your business uses can save you money. It’s as simple as that.

The benefits of water efficiency

It’s easy to take water for granted. But it’s a key asset for your business.

Controlling it better and being efficient in your water use can bring substantial benefits:

  • it saves you money – cutting water use automatically reduces your water charges if you have a meter
  • it reduces your carbon footprint – helping you achieve your carbon reduction targets, including Green Action Plans for public sector bodies
  • it benefits the environment – preserving natural resources, and boosting corporate social responsibility efforts.

One more thing. When you save water, you reduce the amount of waste water down your drains too. A double benefit for your bottom line, and for the environment.

How do I start saving water?

Start with small steps.

How we can help

If you’re keen to reap the full benefits of water efficiency, we’re the experts. The CBI made us Green Business of the Year for our work in helping businesses become more efficient.

We can offer: