Water mains installation

Whether you need to replace or divert your mains, Business Stream is the most experienced and dependable supplier.

Benefitting you

Choose Business Stream for the design and installation of your water mains and you’ll get the benefit of:

  • unrivalled experience of infrastructure design and build
  • a commitment to finding creative solutions that save you money.

We can:

  • offer design consultancy
  • excavate and lay pipework for new mains to current standard and specifications
  • pressure testing and quality sampling
  • soil sampling
  • carry out water mains diversion, e.g. to clear the way for site development.

Our service is the most thorough and professional you’ll find.  It’s this detail that’s sometimes overlooked - but getting it right could avoid an expensive delay.   

Water valve replacement

A water emergency is a bad time to discover that a water valve has seized up.

Business Stream can ensure all your water assets work as they should by installing and replacing water valves and hydrants.

Ask us to carry out an asset survey. We’ll provide:

  • A report on the condition of all your water assets. This will help you prioritise repairs or plan upgrades.
  • GPS coordinates so you can always locate the right valve or hydrant instantly.