Applying for a new connection

If your business is in Scotland, our team of water experts are here to guide you through the process of connecting you to Scottish Water’s infrastructure.

If your site is in England, please contact your regional wholesaler directly for a new connection. 

Scottish Water have launched their new Development Services Application Portal which provides customers with the ability to submit and track connection requests online. The portal can be accessed via the Scottish Water website. You'll be required to register in the first instance using the following link:

Please note after registering you'll be required to apply & submit a PDE in all instances (pre-development enquiry) online and gain capacity before applying for any water/sewer connection.

We're also aware that in some circumstances you may have already had a PDE approved by Scottish Water, if this is the case then please call the New Connections team on 0333 207 9703 : option 1 to discuss how to progress.

Once a Pre-Development Enquiry has been submitted and capacity provided by Scottish Water, the customer then selects the Business Stream to choose to proceed with their water or sewer application. The portal forms are dynamic, meaning that subsequent questions will be tailored accordingly based on answers to previous questions.

All the application forms that you might need can be found below. You’ll be able to download and edit these in your own time. Please ensure you provide all the documentation to submit your application.

Once your PDE has been granted capacity you can apply for water/sewer using the forms below.

From April 2014 you’ll need the necessary accreditation when seeking approval for non-standard (>32mm) connections. Read more about it here.