Terms and conditions (Reassessment request)

Terms and conditions

Reassessment request

The calculator response and submission of this form doesn’t reflect an offer of a reduced bill. You’ll have to submit an application form which Scottish Water will review and could reject if information is considered inaccurate. It’s also possible that Scottish Water will insist that a meter is fitted at their cost. If you do not allow access to your property should a meter survey be required by Scottish Water it is likely the application process will cease and you’ll be placed on an assessed charge.

Upon submission of this form Scottish Water will, in the first instance, seek to install a meter under its metering programme.

If a water meter cannot be fitted due to modifications required then a contribution offer may be offered by Scottish Water. If the contribution offer is not accepted a reassessment charge will be made by Scottish Water.

Once reassessed charges are applied it is not possible to later revert to unmeasured charges.

It should be noted you could be reassessed by Scottish Water once every three years, or you can apply for reassessment every 12 months.

Full details of the process and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland consultation on the process can be seen at on the Commission site.

If your property has not been surveyed and if Scottish Water decides it cannot fit a meter at its own cost, you may be offered a contribution offer towards changes to your pipework. You do not have to accept the contribution offer. If you do not accept the contribution offer you will then be provided with a reassessed charge to accept or the opportunity to challenge in writing providing evidence.

You must be reassessed for both your water and waste water services even if you have more than one licensed provider.

If a customer moves into a previously assessed property we would invite you to apply for reassessment to determine if a meter can be fitted or if there’s a change to your assessed charges.