Ways to Save

In order to save money on your water charges, a combination of saving water and being on the best tariff is required. We're here to help with both. 

Why do businesses pay for water?
Our pledge

Our pledge

The average business uses 30% more water than they need. We're here to address that for you. 

Our team of water experts are committed to helping our customers reduce their water usage, which can help to save money on their bills too.

What are the first steps in saving?

Understanding your bill

It's important to understand your bill in order to see where you can save. 

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Know your consumption

You need to know how much you use in order to see what you can save. 

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By benchmarking your water usage, you'll know where you stack up against other similar businesses. By knowing this, you'll get an idea of how much you can save. 

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