Historic Day for Business Stream as the English Water Market Opens

03 April 2017 Reading time: 3 mins

Today marks a historic day, not only for Business Stream, but for the UK water industry as a whole with the opening of the new Non-Household Water market in England.

Here at Business Stream, we have been vocal advocates of competition from the outset and have played a very active role in shaping the development of the Market through our involvement in the Open Water programme.

We’ve been part of a competitive water market here in Scotland for 9 years now, and over those years we’ve been on quite a journey. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve built a strong team, brimming with industry expertise. Following the introduction of the Water Act on 15 May 2014, we started our preparations to be one of the first licensed providers to operate in the new market, seeking to capitalise on our knowledge, capability and experience.

It’s truly inspiring to see the amount of work and dedication our team has poured into ensuring that we’re prepared and ready to welcome our new English customers, whilst also ensuring that our loyal Scottish customer base continues to see the high quality level of service that they know they can expect from us.

The opening of the market will provide a great opportunity for English businesses and public sector organisations to access the types of benefits that organisations in Scotland have received over the last 9 years. The new water market is set to deliver increased choice and control for customers, enhanced service and access to a range of innovative solutions, including water efficiency solutions and alternative water propositions. For those customers who have premises both North and South of the border, there is now a unique opportunity to consolidate their water and waste water services and gain transparency across their portfolio.

Today we officially welcome over 100K new customers to Business Stream following our acquisition of Southern Water’s non-household customer base last year. We’re thrilled to have them with us and hope that this will be the start of a long and fruitful partnership with each and every one.

So, it’s a new week, a new financial year and a new market. Let’s raise a glass (of water) to that!