Governance and Compliance

We take our responsibilities and obligations as a licensed provider of water services very seriously

We always want to make sure that we're doing the right thing by our customers and staff. It's important to us that we're open and transparent as an organisation, and that's why we publish these policies relating to how we're governed and comply to regulations. Select the item you're looking for from the sub-menu and, if you have any questions, please do get in touch.


1. Standards of service

We care about our customers and pride ourselves on giving 100% every day to ensure that your needs are being met. We've set ourselves high standards and are committed to making sure that you always get the service you deserve. We’ll do our utmost to put things right if you have a problem. If we fail, we’ll compensate you. It’s only fair.

Standards of Service for Scotland

Our service standards Compensation
1. We will respond to written or telephone complaints within eight working days. £23
2. We will respond to invoice queries within ten working days (five for change of payment method). £23
3. We will give 24 hours' notice if we cancel or move an appointment. £23
4. We will warn you of any planned interruptions 48 hours in advance and restore supply on time. £57
5. We will restore supply within 12 hours if there is an unplanned interruption (48 hours for a strategic main supplying a large area). £57 (£29 for every 12 hours delay)
6. If you call our emergency number because water is coming from your gas appliances, we'll contact Scottish Water and call you straight back. £23
7. If your property is damaged from flooding, we'll refund your annual wastewater charge. Up to £1,050
8. If you ask for a water meter to be fitted, we'll arrange for a survey on your property and let you know the results within ten working days. £23
9. If you contact us about problems with your water pressure, we'll investigate and let you know the problem within five working days. £23
10. If there's an emergency that affects your water supply, you'll get updates every 48 hours. 5 -15% of water or waste water charge (max £5,250)
11. We'll let you know about any changes to maximum tariffs within 10 working days. £23
12. If you claim because we've failed to meet any of the above, we'll credit your account within ten business days. £23
About these standards

These standards are based on the default standards set by our regulator, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

Standards of Service for England

GSS Regulation GSS Payment Late payment penalty
Appointments not made properly £20 £10
Appointments not kept £20 £10
Incidences of low water pressure £25 -
Incorrect notice of planned interruptions to supply £50 £50
Supply not restored(*) – initial period £50 £50
Supply not restored(*) – each further 24 hours £25 £50
Written account queries and requests to change payment arrangements not actioned on time £20 £10
Written complaints not actioned on time £20 £10
Properties sewer flooded internally Payment equal to annual sewerage charges (Minimum payment of £150. Maximum of £1000) £50
Properties materially affected sewer flooded externally Payment equal to 50% of annual sewerage charges (Minimum payment of £75. Maximum of £500) £50

(*) Supply not restored within time notified (planned work) or when supply is interrupted for an extended time under unplanned/emergency situations.

About these standards

These standards are based on the minimum standards of service and minimum payments to which customers are entitled, as laid down by the Government.  In some cases, we will pay out more.


If you’re not happy about our service for any reason and you want to make a claim against these service standards, let us know.


2. Accountability

If you’re unhappy with the outcome of a complaint, or feel we haven’t handled something well, you can raise the issue with one of two organisations that regulate our service.

If your premises is in Scotland

If you remain dissatisfied, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to look at your complaint. The SPSO is the final stage for complaints about public services in Scotland.

The SPSO cannot normally look at complaints:

  • where you have not gone all the way through the organisation’s complaints handling procedure
  • more than 12 months after you became aware of the matter you want to complain about, or
  • that have been or are being considered in court.

You can contact the SPSO:

In Person: SPSO, Bridgeside House, 99 McDonald Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4NS            Freepost SPSO (you don’t need to use a stamp)

Freephone: 0800 377 7330


If your premises is in England or Wales

If you remain dissatisfied, you can ask the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) to look at your complaint. CCWater is the independent representative of water consumers in England or Wales.

You can contact CCWater by: 

Phone: 0300 034 2222


SPSO and CCWater

These organisations represent the interests of non-household customers in the water industry. They are independent of water retailers, wholesalers and our regulators, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland, and the Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) in England. They offer advice and assistance, including formally investigating complaints where necessary.

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland is our regulator. It grants our licence, and sets out the conditions under which we operate. It also advises Scottish ministers about the minimum standards we should provide to customers.


If you are unsatisfied with the outcome provided to you by CCWater, you can contact Ofwat. Ofwat are the economic regulator of the water sector in England they are a non-ministerial government department. 


3. Business Stream and Scottish Water

Find out the answers to your questions on the difference between Business Stream and Scottish Water.

How does Business Stream's role differ from that of Scottish Water?

Scottish Water is the wholesaler of water in Scotland whilst Business Stream is one of a number of licensed providers of water. This means that Scottish Water owns and operates the country’s water infrastructure, while Business Stream provides retail water and sewerage services to the country’s businesses.

Whilst we are both part of the Scottish Water group we are legally separate companies and strict rules ensure that we stay separate to ensure a level playing field for all competitors in the non-domestic market.

What is Business Stream's relationship to Scottish Water?

In order to promote the independence of Business Stream, Scottish Water established a holding company (Scottish Water Business Stream Holdings Limited) to take responsibility for its interest in Business Stream, which is a subsidiary of Scottish Water Horizons Holdings Limited. Therefore, although Business Stream was created directly from Scottish Water, it operates at arm’s length.

Business Stream operates as a standalone company. The relationship between Business Stream, SWBSH and Scottish Water is monitored by the regulator, the Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland.

Does Business Stream's relationship with Scottish Water give it an advantage in the market?

No. Before Business Stream was awarded its licence, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland implemented governance arrangements which ensure independent decision making for Scottish Water as wholesaler and Business Stream as retailer. This requirement is unique to Business Stream as the incumbent retailer, and ensures a level playing field in the market.

What's the reason for separating the two?

The impetus for the Scottish Government moving to deregulate the retail market was to enable non-domestic water customers to benefit from the impact of competition – ie increased choice, better service and greater value.

As the water wholesaler and infrastructure owner Scottish Water could not do that, so Business Stream was created as a separate organisation to compete shoulder to shoulder with other suppliers in the newly opened retail market.


4. Our licences

Our licences, granted by the Water Industry Commission, allow us to operate in Scotland and provide water and waste water services to business customers.

Passing the test

Because Business Stream is a water retailer created directly from Scottish Water, many steps have been taken to avoid giving us an unfair advantage over other new retailers. In particular, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland set Business Stream the following three tests in order to ensure that we are operating at arm’s length from Scottish Water:

  • Robust and demonstrable separation between wholesale and retail businesses must be evident.
  • Governance arrangements must ensure independent decision making for Business Stream and Scottish Water.
  • Business Stream must demonstrate financial viability.

Our ability to pass all three tests has been recognised in the granting of our water and sewerage services licences.

You can read a summary on how we have achieved this by clicking on the topics below:

In addition, Business Stream must continue to maintain independent decision making beyond the granting of the licences. Our independent decision making document [PDF, 77KB] will give you more information about this.


5. Freedom of information

Everyone has the right to access certain types of business information and records held by public bodies such as Business Stream.

Our publication scheme

Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, we have to keep and update a 'publication scheme'. This sets out the information we routinely make available to the public. Our scheme has to be approved by the Scottish Information Commissioner, who's responsible for enforcing the Act.

To find out more about the Freedom of Information Act and our publications, to make a Freedom of Information request please see the guide to information available through the Model Publication Scheme [PDF, 76KB] or contact:

Daren Fitzhenry
Scottish Information Commissioner,
Kinburn Castle,
Doubledykes Road,
St Andrews,
KY16 9DS

Telephone: 0133 446 4610
Fax: 0133 446 4611


6. Byelaws

Scottish Water carry out byelaws inspections on businesses to make sure that plumbing and water pipes are up to scratch.


If your business is at risk of contaminating the water supply, perhaps you manufacture something, then Scottish Water will probably visit to inspect your site to check your pipe work and processes.

They have the power to enforce necessary changes to make sure that you’re compliant with the law. It can be a criminal offence to knowingly ignore their instruction; they could even shut your business down.

Reducing risk

If you’re in any doubt about which byelaws could affect your business then get in touch with us. We’ve got years of experience dealing with these challenges.

How we can help

To remove the risk of getting a hefty fine or worst still, having your business shut down, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

To make sure that you’re on the front foot we can offer your business a byelaws health check. We’ll audit your sites to identify any risky areas and propose how to mitigate the chance of prosecution.

If you’ve already been served with a report from Scottish Water and need help addressing the issues then we’re on hand to fix them. We’ll put a team together to ensure you become compliant.

Just get in touch with us as soon as you can for a swift response.


7. Anti-bribery policy

The Bribery Act 2010 aims to stamp out acts of bribery in British business conduct in the UK and abroad. For more details download our full policy document. 


8. Health and safety statement

You can read our Health and Safety General Policy Statement here.


9. Our anti-slavery annual statement

You can read our Anti-Slavery statement here. 


10. Unacceptable actions policy

At Business Stream we believe that our customers and employees have the right to be heard, understood and respected. To protect our staff and ensure that our other customers do not suffer as a result of unacceptable behaviour, we have an unacceptable actions policy.


11. Tax strategy

You can download our tax strategy for the financial year 2021-22 here. We will post annually to comply with the legislative requirements for ‘Publication of Group Tax Strategies’ for UK groups.


12. Gender pay gap reporting

You'll be able to find details of our Gender Pay Gap Reporting below.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Gender Pay Gap Report 2023


13. Terms and conditions

For our full supply terms and conditions, click here.