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From corner shops and supermarkets to schools, hospitals, industrial processing plants, and everything in between – all businesses depend on water to some degree, and Business Stream are proud to supply it

We are the water experts

We are the water experts

Since 2008, Business Stream have been working in Scotland to drive change in the water industry and help businesses reap the benefits created by a deregulated water industry. Not only that, as part of the Scottish Water Group our heritage and industry knowledge goes much deeper with our profits being reinvested in the development of Scotland’s hydro nation.

No matter how complex your requirements are, whether it’s water efficiency, trade effluent or complex infrastructure requirements, you can be sure that our team of more than 260 water and waste water experts can help you.

Helping you to save money

We pride ourselves on being industry experts who work hard to understand the needs of our customers and what makes them happy. Whether it’s saving money, time or controlling consumption - we can help.

Since 2008, we’ve saved Business Stream customers:

in discount savings

in water efficiency savings

in energy efficiency savings

Reduce water consumption by 43 billion litres

Reduce CO2 emissions by 74,727 tonnes

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Food and drink processing



Unique design to combat pollution. Annual savings of £500k on transport.

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Public sector

Glasgow City Council

£1.3 million saved for the public purse. Using our gainshare model to invest in infrastructure changes, to combat budget constrains.

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