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For premises in England fitted with a water meter, often referred to as ‘metered’ or ‘measured’ supplies.

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1. Customer reference and invoice number

Customer reference and invoice number image

Your customer reference number is your unique 7 to 10-digit number, sometimes called your ‘billing reference number’. You’ll need this if you’d like to discuss your account with us. 

Your invoice number is sometimes called your ‘bill number’. This is a unique number which identifies the particular bill that you’re looking at. We’ll ask for this number if you contact us with a specific query or issue relating to this bill.

2. Supply point ID (SPID)

Supply point ID (SPID) image

You’ll have one or more Supply Point IDs, sometimes referred to as a SPIDs, listed on your bill – one for each water and/or waste water connection that you have. A SPID is the unique identifier for your connection to the water or waste water network and helps us to locate your premises.

3. Billing period

Billing period image

This is the period of time that this bill relates to. It might help to check this initially if you think your bill is too high or too low as your bill may relate to a longer or shorter period of time than you were expecting.

4. Your account summary

Your account summary  image

This section shows a summary of the balances, payments and charges that have been considered to produce your bill. 

Your account summary takes your previous balance from your last bill and subtracts any recent payments received. This then results in the ‘balance brought forward’ amount. The detail of how your charges have been calculated is broken down over the following pages.

5. Your charges this period

Your charges this period image

This section shows all of your charges for the current billing period. More details can be found on page two of your bill.

6. Your final balance

Your final balance  image

This is a total of your ‘balance brought forward’ amount combined with the total charges from the current billing period.

Your final balance is the total amount that you need to pay for this billing period. It’s easy to pay using one of the payment options noted on your bill. If you have any concerns about making payments, please contact our credit management team on 0345 122 0560 – we’re here to help.

If your account is in credit, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll use this credit balance to cover future charges. Alternatively, you can request a refund of your credit balance by getting in touch with us using the contact details at the top of your bill.

7. Our latest news and updates

Our latest news and updates image

We use this box to inform you of any important messages, news or updates. This might include, for example, information on changes to your charges or seasonal water efficiency advice. 

8. Your water-related carbon consumption

Your water-related carbon consumption image

Every litre of water that you use, and every litre of waste water that goes down your drain, needs to be treated and transported to make it safe and available. Energy is used for each and every part of this process, so we encourage all of our customers to try to keep their water use to a minimum to reduce energy demand and prevent air pollution. 

The information in this box provides an estimate of the carbon dioxide (CO2) that would be released into the atmosphere each year as a result of the water you’ve used and the waste water that you’ve produced.

9. Ways to pay

Ways to pay image

Here you’ll find various ways to pay your bill. 

Did you know that Direct Debit is the quickest and easiest way to pay your bill and you can spread your costs across the year? Alternatively, you can pay your bills online via our simple payment form or by logging on to or registering for your My Business Stream account. You can find a list of ways to pay on the front page of your bill.

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Choose the corresponding part of your bill

Scroll down to find the corresponding part of your bill

1. Fixed water charges

Fixed water charges image

Your fixed water charges are calculated using a set daily rate which is multiplied by the number of days in the billing period to provide the total charge. These charges cover the maintenance of external pipes and pumps that supply water to, and remove waste water from, your premises. The rate you’re charged is determined by your premises location (or water wholesaler region) and the size of your water connection – larger diameter pipes are charged at a higher rate.

Your yearly (annual) fee is listed on the left for your reference. 

The number of ‘units’ you’re being charged for is equal to the number of days in the billing period. The daily rate (the amount you’re charged each day) is shown in pence. You can find a full list of all your charges here.

These two figures combine to give the total charge for the billing period, which is shown along with the VAT code. Z (Zero) means the rate for VAT is zero, S (Standard) is the standard rate of 20%. If there is more than one row in this section, this is because you have more than one water meter.

2. Volumetric water charges

Volumetric water charges image

This is a variable charge for the amount of water you've used, as recorded by your water meter. The rate you’re charged can vary based on your geographical location and your water consumption. You can find a full list of all of your charges here.

3. Fixed waste water charges

Fixed waste water charges image

Your fixed waste water charges are calculated using a set daily rate which is multiplied by the number of days in the billing period to provide a total. This is a fee for the upkeep of external pipes and pumps that remove waste water from your premises.

The rate you’re charged is determined by your premises location (or water wholesaler region) and the size of your connection to the network – larger diameter pipes are charged at a higher rate. You can find a full list of all of your charges here.

4. Surface water drainage

Surface water drainage image

This is a fee for the cost of collecting and treating rain water which goes in to the public water and waste water network from your premises.

The rate that you’re charged is based on the surface area of your premises. You can find a full list of all of your charges here.

If you believe the surface area of your property is recorded incorrectly then it’s possible to challenge this with your water wholesaler. We’re able to raise this challenge on your behalf with your wholesaler, who will review any evidence you can provide. If you believe your charges are inaccurate, tell us via our general enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

5. VAT

VAT image

Most of our services are zero rated (Z) but some are standard rated (S) or outside scope (O). For more information about which businesses pay VAT, and what to do if you think you’re being incorrectly charged, visit our VAT information page.

6. Total charges this period

Total charges this period image

Your total charges for this billing period will be displayed here.