Unmetered water supply

Getting a water meter installed gives you greater control of your water bills and can be a big step towards saving money.

If you’re an unmetered customer, your bills will be based on the rateable value of your property – an assessed consumption based on data about your business, such as building size and location. When you get a meter installed you’ll only be paying for what you actually use it’s possible you could make a saving.

If your site is in Scotland, try out our reassessment calculator to see if you’d be better off before getting in touch to let us know if you’d like a meter fitted.

Interested in applying for reassessment?

It’s important you know what’s involved in a reassessment before you apply as once you’ve applied to be reassessed, you won’t be able to return to your rateable value charge.



Could I save money with a reassessment?

If you don’t have a water meter, your water charges are based on the rateable value of your property.

Of course, two properties with the same rateable value might use completely different amounts of water. So some customers may feel they are paying too much.

If you believe you could benefit, or if you’re just not sure, our handy calculator will tell you whether a water charge reassessment is likely to save you some money.

Since April 2018, the water industry has been moving towards using the most up-to-date Rateable Value (RV) as the basis for charging for all properties after a change announced by The Scottish Government. If your Live RV is significantly higher than your historic RV, you could pay more in the short term. If so, wait until April 2020 to switch to a metered supply.

What are the steps of reassessment?

There are a few steps to follow when you’re applying for your water charges reassessment, we’re here to help each step of the way should you need it.

Step 1

Use our clever little calculator to get an indication of whether or not you’d be better off being charged for your water using assessed volume.

Step 2

Fill in the form and send it to us.

Step 3

We’ll check that you’ve completed the form correctly and then pass it to Scottish Water.

Step 4

Scottish Water will review your application within ten days. They’ll then contact you.

Step 5

Scottish Water will in the first instance visit your property to install a water meter free of charge.

If they’re unable to install a meter they may make a contribution towards work required to have a water meter installed, if that’s the case we’ll be in touch to confirm their offer. 

This payment is made following the installation of your meter and will be offset against any outstanding balance on your account. Acceptance and receipt of the contribution offer are subject to terms and conditions detailed in the contribution letter.

If you decline the contribution offer, you’ll be moved to assessed charges.

Step 6

If Scottish Water determine that it’s not feasible to install a meter at your property, for instance you’re on a shared supply, they will provide a reassessed charge.

Step 7

Once the reassessed charges have been confirmed we’ll update your account as required. If you are placed on a reassessed volume, you’ll be charged on that basis from the date that Scottish Water acknowledge your application form. If you get a meter, charges will begin from the date it’s installed. Please be aware that metered or reassessed charges are not backdated.

What are the terms of a reassessment?

The calculator response and submission of this form doesn’t reflect an offer of a reduced bill. You will have to submit an application form which Scottish Water will review and could reject if information is considered inaccurate. It is also possible that Scottish Water will insist that a meter is fitted at its cost. If you do not allow access to your property should a meter survey be required by Scottish Water it is likely the application process will cease and you will be placed on an assessed charge.

Upon submission of this form Scottish Water will in the first instance seek to install a meter under its metering programme. If a water meter cannot be fitted due to modifications required then a contribution offer may be offered by Scottish Water. If the contribution offer is not accepted a reassessment charge will be made by Scottish Water.

Once reassessed charges are applied it is not possible to later revert to unmeasured charges.

Full details of the process and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland consultation on the process can be seen at on the Commission site.

If your property has not been surveyed and if Scottish Water decides it cannot fit a meter at its own cost, you may be offered a contribution offer towards changes to your pipework. You do not have to accept the contribution offer. If you do not accept the contribution offer you will then be provided with a reassessed charge to accept or the opportunity to challenge in writing providing evidence.

You must be reassessed for both your water and wastewaster services even if you have more than one licensed provider.

If a customer moves in to a previously assessed property we would invite you to apply for reassessment to determine if a meter can be fitted or if there is a change to your assessed charges.

It should be noted you could be reassessed by Scottish Water once every three years, or you can apply for reassessment every 12 months.