Direct Debit

Reap the benefits of paying with Direct Debit

It’s easy to pay your business water bills by Direct Debit. Just download and complete the Direct Debit Mandate form below and send it to us using our online form. It's simple!

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Benefits of paying by Direct Debit

Spread the Cost

Spread the Cost

Smaller, more frequent payments can be easier to manage

Save Money

Save Money

You could receive a discount when you snap up one of our contracts

Online Billing

Online Billing

My Business Stream allows you to view and manage your bills online any time of the day or night

Hassle Free

Hassle Free

You can choose the day we automatically take payments from your account


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a Direct Debit?

Just complete the Direct Debit mandate form and submit it using the direct debit web form, you can also call us on 0330 123 2000 for help in setting this up. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

What will my Direct Debit payment date be?

You can choose from two Direct Debit payment options; due at billing or monthly budget. Due at billing will schedule a payment 14 days after each bill is generated. If you prefer to spread your costs evenly, monthly budget will arrange a fixed monthly amount based on your account balance and recent consumption readings if your property is metered and the payment will be taken on the same date every month. If your property is unmetered and billed annually, your monthly option will split your annual costs into monthly instalments.

How will I know when a payment has been taken?

Any payments arranged through your Direct Debit will appear on your banking statement as “B S R A”. This stands for Business Stream Revenue Accounts. Also, your payment reference will include the following:

Customer Reference Number

Invoice Number

Date of Payment

Do I require a Direct Debit mandate form?

If your bank or building society requires a signature for authorisation, or there is more than one signature required, a Direct Debit mandate will be required. Business Stream will notify your bank of a signed instruction received which will then authorise your request.

How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

If you would like to cancel your Direct Debit you should notify your bank or building society as your Direct Debit is not owned or controlled by Business Stream. Before cancelling your Direct Debit, make sure this does not impact any contract offers or discounts you may be receiving as part of your terms & conditions. If you’d like to discuss this or ask any questions you can call us on 0330 123 2000.

How will I be notified what my monthly amounts will be?

For monthly budgets, your payment schedule will be issued to your correspondence address confirming your monthly payment amounts. For monthly instalments, your annual bill will be split into either ten or twelve monthly payments, depending on when your Direct Debit has been set up. If you have not received your payment schedule, you can contact our Credit Management team directly on 0330 123 2000.

I am currently on a Deemed Contract. Will setting up Direct Debit affect my billing?

Yes. By setting up Direct Debit, you are agreeing to Business Stream’s terms & conditions. When this happens, your account will revert from monthly bills to the standard method of billing, depending on whether the property is metered (quarterly or bi-annual) or unmetered (annually).