Yorkshire Temporary Closure Form

If you are temporarily closing your site in Yorkshire due to COVID-19, please complete the details below.

Vacant releif came to an end on 31 July 2020

The industry-wide Vacant Relief Scheme, introduced by the water regulator for England, Ofwat, came to an end on the 31 July 2020. As a result, we can no longer suspend charges beyond that date.

Temporary closure form Yorkshire

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Date your business closed

Please note: effective start date cannot be before 16th March 2020

Date you plan to re-open or re-opened your business
If it is safe to do so, please read your meter and submit a meter read from as close to the temporary closure date as possible.

Is your supply metered or unmetered?

Please only attempt to retrieve a meter read if it is safe to do so. Only read the white dials and please ignore the red dials.


If you tick this box we will automatically reinstate your Direct Debit once your business starts trading again