Trade Effluent

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What’s Trade Effluent?

In simple terms, trade effluent is any liquid waste that’s discharged from premises being used for a business, trade or industry. Trade effluent can come from processes used to wash or cool plant, machinery, vehicles and floors.

Any size of business can produce trade effluent from laundries and food production to chemical manufacturing and car washes.

Trade effluent is not normal kitchen and toilet waste, nor is any clean rainwater run-off. These are not classed as trade effluent.

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What is important about trade effluent?

Special laws set out the type and volume of trade effluent that can go down drains. This helps to protect sewerage systems and the wider environment. Failure to comply with these laws is a criminal offence and can carry with it significant fines for breach of compliance.

If your business discharges trade effluent, you must apply to your wholesaler for consent to dispose of it.

It’s your legal responsibility to manage your effluent within these set limits. Business Stream can offer advice and practical solutions to help make compliance a less daunting task.

It’s possible to treat your trade effluent to produce safe, clean water – cutting your costs and keeping you compliant.

Understanding the basics

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Charges in Scotland

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