Being more efficient during warm weather

Please use water wisely during dry spells

Find out your wholesaler's contact details and keep up-to-date with any supply issues in your area.
Save water this summer

Save water this summer

The current heatwave we're experiencing, combined with the COVID 19 restrictions and people taking ‘staycations’, has resulted in record-breaking water demand. 

Please help us protect this precious resource by only using what you need this summer – ensuring there’s enough to go around.

Save water

How to save

Whether you’re new to Business Stream or you’ve been with us a while, we’re always here to help you save time, money and effort in managing your water services.

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Top tips

We've put together a snapshot of simple ways to start saving water.  

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Check for leaks

It’s important to check for leaks regularly. Leaks waste money by wasting water, but they can also cause serious damage to your premises over time.

Find and fix leaks