Why do businesses pay for water?

Find out about the journey of water and how it makes its way to your business and beyond

Understanding your bill

Water is running out. Water scarcity is one of the biggest issues of our generation, so we need to be careful to extract it and replace it fairly. Otherwise it can seriously affect our access to clean water and impact our wildlife.

How is water treated for use in businesses?

Rain and river water is collected from the natural environment; from which it is pumped to your regional Wholesaler’s treatment works. The water is then filtered and cleaned so it’s suitable for drinking. After it’s been treated, it’s pumped to storage tanks.

Once water has been used, it’s drained into the sewers.

This is where it’s again taken for treatment. Drainage water from roads and buildings is also processed, as well as industrial waste water.

It’s filtered, strained and thoroughly cleaned.

Processing waste water is even more expensive than treating water. Once this process is complete, the cleaned waste water is fit to be returned to nature.

Where does Business Stream come in?

Whilst the wholesaler is responsible for providing safe drinking water to a customer’s connection point, it is the role of the retailer, like Business Stream that undertakes all the non-domestic customer facing activity. This includes reading the meters and billing the customer. 

With population growth and global warming water demands have increased.

So water efficiency is important to us. We strive to make a positive difference to our environment by helping customers reduce their water usage, which in turn means lower bills. 

Our Water Efficiency Pledge

Making a positive difference to help you reduce your water usage by up to 20%.

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