Check for leaks

If you suspect a water leak on your property, act quickly with our leak detection advice. The sooner you get it fixed, the more money you’ll save.

Don’t let your water charges run away from you with a leak. Sometimes leaks can go undetected without specialists reviewing your business properly. Or you may have realised there’s a leak yourself. In either case, there are a couple of options you should consider

Do a simple meter read over a quiet period so you can work out your average consumption (late at night and early the following morning would be best)

In either circumstance, if your water usage appears to be higher than anticipated, this could indicate a leak. Get in touch with us to see how we can help or apply for a leak or burst allowance.

You can also use our water benchmark calculator to see if your water usage is higher than expected

How we can help

It's best to initially contact a plumber if you have a leak within your property's boundary. If you’re having trouble detecting a leak, our team of experts can help. Our specialists work fast to track and repair water leaks with minimum disruption to your business - saving you money and mitigating any risk.

We can do a survey of your site using manual and electronic leak detection techniques so there won’t be any digging required.

If we do find a problem, we’ll advise on what the best actions are to resolve it. It may only require a spot repair to be fixed or, if there’s a lot of corrosion or multiple leaks, larger sections may need to be replaced.

Automated Meter Readings

A simple but clever way to keep an eye on your consumption and find real cost savings on your water

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