Applying for a leak or burst allowance

If you have a water meter and you’ve suffered a leak somewhere on your pipework, you can claim a water allowance to help cover the costs of the excess water you’ve used.

What is a leak allowance?

A refund to cover any excess charges you’ve received for the extra water you’ve consumed as a result of the leak. It’s like a reward from your water wholesaler for fixing leaks in your property and conserving water.

How it works

You provide us with all the details of the incident and we apply to your wholesaler for the leak allowance. They’ll take some time to review everything and if you’re successful, they’ll make a refund to us and we’ll pass that on to you.


What you’ll need

Before you get started, there’s a few things you’ll need…

  • A water meter and a waste water supply with Business Stream

    Leak allowances are only available to metered customers. If your waste water supply isn’t also with Business Stream then you won’t be eligible for this allowance.

  • Two meter reads

    Once the leak is repaired, take a meter reading. Repeat the meter reading after around two weeks, this will allow us to check the water supply has returned to normal.

  • The repair date and an estimate of the leak date

    If you don’t know the exact date of the leak, please provide an estimate. The engineer who fixes the leak may be able to help you make an estimate.