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Save water and money by comparing the water usage of your business to others in your sector

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Over time, we aim to make the calculator as comprehensive as possible, but at present some business types are not included.

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To get the best results from our online calculator, the water usage you enter should be your average consumption over 90 days (a quarter of one year).

You can find your water usage on your bill under the Unit column that ends with m3 - e.g. 125m3. The amount of days this figure relates to will also be shown in the same column.

Take the water usage figure and divide by the number of days the charge relates to then multiply to get the average for 90 days. For example:

125m3 ÷ 100 days = 1.25m3

1.25m3 x 90 days = 112.5m3 per quarter

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You will find this number on the top right of your bill - it will always be seven digits and begin with a 2 or a 3.

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Food and drink processing



Unique design to combat pollution. Annual savings of £500k on transport.

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Coca Cola

Bringing refreshment to the drinks industry. We helped Coca-Cola progress towards its water-neutral target.

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