Business Stream partners with Smarter Business

16 July 2019 Reading time: 1 min

Business Stream has partnered with Smarter Business to help support our Customers in consolidating all of their water and waste water services to Business Stream.  Smarter Business are one of the UK’s leading Utilities brokers and have helped over 40,000 businesses in the UK benefit from consolidation of services in the utilities space.   

The partnership with Business Stream will help our SME Customers benefit from enhanced service, consolidation of all water and waste water services and savings on their overall bill.  Furthermore Smarter Business are able to offer Business Stream Customers access to a wide variety of market competitive utilities outside of Water services. 

This new partnership provides a number of benefits to SMEs: 
•    A single bill for all your Water and Waste water services – for both single and multi-site Customers.
•    Savings on your current Water and Waste water services
•    Expert whole-of-market comparisons to secure the best utility deals from Smarter Business
•    Access to a range of other business services, including gas and electricity, merchant services and waste management through Smarter Business

For more information about Smarter Business please click here.