How boldness achieves strategic growth

James Cardwell-Moore, Commercial Director

28 April 2017 Reading time: 3 mins

Those of you who follow us will know we’re passionate about the concept of being bold in business and how it can help achieve success. In our latest bold report ‘Beyond Bold: Strategies for Growth’, we explored the link between ‘being bold’ and strategic growth and it was this theme I had the pleasure of presenting on at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce’s business briefing on the 24th April 2017. 

During the event I shared some of the key findings of the Report – most significantly the revelation that whilst 90% of businesses have ambitions for growth, over 40% had no formal growth strategy – and we discussed how adopting a bold approach to business decisions could pay off. Some of the key themes coming out of the discussion included the need to have an organisational vision, and seeing it through; having the courage of your convictions; and the importance of taking leadership when making tough decisions.

Boldness and utilities aren’t necessarily an obvious partnership; however by adopting such an approach we’ve helped deliver the world’s first competitive water market in Scotland; pushed for legislative reform in England to ensure non-household customers can now choose their supplier; acquired the Southern Water’s non-domestic customer base to position us as a key player in the English market; and forged pioneering partnerships with Utilitywise and Veolia to offer our customers a more holistic water offering.

That’s not to say being bold is easy. It’s often more attractive to avoid risk and to bob and weave on the marketplace waves – especially during periods of economic and political uncertainty as we’re facing now. That being said, we believe that adopting a bold approach has paid off for us, our sector and, most importantly, our customers.

If you haven’t read our Report, conducted in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce, already then I encourage you to do so. What could a bold approach help you achieve?

90% of businesses have ambitions for growth, over 40% had no formal growth strategy