In pursuit of an effortless experience

21 June 2018 Reading time: 3 mins

An inspiring theme for a very stimulating conference. Last week I was invited to speak at the 12th Annual Frost and Sullivan Customer Contact Europe Conference in Dublin, part of their 2018 International Customer Contact Executive Mind Change Series.

It was a fantastic event and I’d challenge anyone to attend and not leave with a sense of renewed drive and determination to deliver the best possible service to their customers. Senior representatives from global companies including Nestle Nespresso UK, Emirates Airline, Three, and Bank of Ireland provided their insights, experiences, challenges and resolutions for delivering a seamless customer experience. I was asked to share Business Stream’s story and talk specifically around measuring customer satisfaction.

Our industry is becoming increasingly competitive and pressure from consumer champions, the media and regulators means that our customer experience offering has never been more critical - or under greater scrutiny. In recent years we have invested heavily in our people and processes to ensure we can respond to our customers’ needs and, as a result, our customer satisfaction levels are better than ever. But it’s what we do with these scores that really counts.

Measuring and evaluating customer satisfaction levels is vital in any industry. However, what is imperative is that we don’t simply use these tracking tools to report performance levels but instead use them to help us truly understand what customers want. It is easy to focus on scores rather than the customer sentiment and narrative that sits behind them and yet, by taking the time to review and share feedback, as well as contacting those customers whose feedback merits follow up, we’d be much better placed to improve our offering.

In our multi-channel world, customers are well-equipped and eager to provide feedback and any business providing a customer service should see this as a positive. Rather than shy away from feedback, let’s use it pro-actively to help enhance our customers’ experiences – which is what we will do here at Business Stream.

Jo Mayes

June 2018