Working together to reduce water use

05 July 2018 Reading time: 3 mins

Last week I co-chaired the inaugural Waterwise Retailers Leadership Group meeting alongside Waterwise’s Managing Director, Nicci Russell. The group has been set up to provide retailers with a platform to promote the importance of water efficiency and work together to deliver more ambitious water savings for customers.

The benefits of generating greater water efficiency are endless - for customers, the environment and the economy. By working together, retailers can share best practice and innovative ideas to help ensure all customers, regardless of their size, are only using the water they need to. This group is not a talking shop; it’s been set up to make a real difference.

There were a number of themes that were explored during the initial meeting, including how best to raise awareness of the importance of water efficiency to customers; the potential for regulatory incentives to drive change within the industry; and the prospect of gamification or awards to help incentivise behaviours and recognise success. All of us – the industry, the regulator, Government and customers – have a role to play in reducing water use. This group will play a key part in ensuring retailers are striving to do everything they can to help.

The meeting was particularly timely for us, as at the start of last week we launched our new water efficiency pledge to work with our customers to help them reduce 20% of their water consumption. At Business Stream we are committed to ensuring water efficiency isn’t something we simply pay lip service to but an integral part of our ethos. And why wouldn’t it be? Reducing water use delivers significant benefits to our customers and is vital for the environment. It’s that simple.

Jo Dow

July 2018