Working together towards a common goal

20 May 2019 Reading time: 2 mins

We may be operating in a competitive environment but that shouldn’t prevent us from working together on key issues to achieve more for our customers. Water efficiency is one area where we can and should be working at an industry-wide level to help promote its importance - and that’s exactly what happened at Waterwise’s joint workshop last week.

In response to a growing appetite from supporters to plan such an event, Waterwise brought together its Retailers Leadership Group, which I Co-Chair, and its UK Water Efficiency Strategy Steering Group to share details around new and potential initiatives, as well as look at ways we can all work together to further support our customers to use water wisely.

It was a great opportunity to hear from other retailers, wholesalers and key stakeholders, including Ofwat and MOSL. We all share a common goal to work together more in this area and the workshop enabled us to discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities that exist. It was a very honest and open session and one we plan to turn into a regular event going forward.

Whilst the focus should be on action and what we can do to have a measurable impact on  water consumption levels, encouraging greater collaboration across the industry is vital and is something I believe we will do more of going forward.

Jo Dow, Chief Executive, Business Stream